MMA: Edwards’ dazzling kick that brought down Usman

The Briton stole the UFC welterweight belt from the Nigerian.

Edwards’ kick that stunned Usman. RMC Sports.

Suspense to the end and an anthology knockout before the gong. Saturday night, Kamaru Usman challenged his welterweight belt for the sixth time against Leon Edwards at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City. As he seemed to be heading quietly for a victory on points, the Nigerian champion suffered a monstrous kick from his opponent 58 seconds from the final gong.

After a feint right jab that trapped Usman, the Briton unleashed a crazy left high kick to ram the Nigerian’s jaw sideways with his shin. The shock literally extinguished Usman, relieved of his UFC champion belt on this devastating knockout. Before this impressive kick, Edwards had managed to make a “take down” (brought to the ground) on Usman who had never suffered before in the UFC.

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